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All About Glasses: Dunes

We are shining a light on Titanium this week, with one of our favorite frames, the Dunes. Its dark grey hue complements the sleek lines and modern aesthetics of the frames, making this pair a versatile accessory for various styles and occasions.

Named after titanium, the element with the atomic number 22 and symbol Ti, this collection embodies the strength and durability associated with the titans of Greek mythology.

The Ti-22 Collection derives its name from the element titanium, a metal renowned for its strength, lightness, and corrosion resistance. Drawing inspiration from the formidable titans of Greek mythology, this collection pays homage to the mythical beings associated with strength and power. The frames in this collection are crafted from block titanium, reinforcing the connection between the material and its namesake.

Crafted through a meticulous process, these frames are laser cut from a solid block of titanium. In some instances, beta-titanium is introduced to enhance flexibility without compromising on strength. The essence of the Ti-22 Collection lies in the fact that these frames are essentially carved out of the very element from which they draw their name.

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