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All About Glasses: Get Your Hands On The Hans 👋

One of our classic Fusion frames, The Hans is available in a variety of colors like the: Havana, Sky, Crystal, and more! The Fusion Collection combines the best elements from two different worlds, our hypoallergenic space-grade titanium and beautiful Italian acetate.

The color variations and color depth have to do with their transparency, opaqueness, and the different combinations in acetate. Created with great attention to detail, working to create a design language that was truly unique. The play of the color is created by looking at it from different angles, something that produces a timeless classic look.

Not only that, but it also has a lightness and strength that come from our space grade titanium, despite its thinness. Combining these 2 materials, titanium and acetate, creates a tension and adds intrigue. It reminds us of experimenting with light and shadow.

Get yours today on!

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