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All About Glasses: OLIVE (I LOVE) Spring!

Not only the perfect shade for spring, but really all-year-round! We have the shade Olive available in a multitude of frames, but some of our favorites are The Kai & The Pepper!

Both the Kai & Pepper are a part of our Essentials Collection (our luxury bread and butter!) These frames are handmade from Italian acetate and calibrated Austrian hinges. They have a great fit and unique minimalist design for unmatched comfort!

We wanted to really highlight unique things about these frames, with a similar design, they vary in thickness and depth. The Kai is a more delicate-looking frame with a deep smokey olive tone, while the Pepper gives you layers of thick acetate for a bolder look with a beautiful transparent and fresh olive look.

They are a part of the Essentials Collection because it is exactly what you need! You know you've made the right choice with these frames. After all, FreudenHaus is the House of Joy!)

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