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All About Glasses: Oscar's Restock

The Oscar is one of our classic frames from the Fusion Collection and we are happy to inform you that it has been restocked in some of your favorite shades, the Blue and Havana! Friendly reminder that they are available with clip on attachments if you’re looking to wear them all summer long!

The Fusion collection combines the best elements of two different worlds; acetate & titanium. With many color variations and color depth, you can appreciate their transparency and opaqueness. Each pair has a lightness and strength of our space grade titanium, despite its thinness.

Combining these two materials creates tension and adds intrigue, it even reminds us of playing with light and shadow. We named it the Fusion collection, because we thought the word "combination" was just a little too dull to describe this fun ensemble!

Get them before they are gone! We know you'll just love them! Available at

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