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All About Glasses: The Berlin

Have you seen the Berlin? With our Destination Collection we "reintroduced" simple yet dominating eyewear frames. We love the Berlin for its square-shape. They bring the comfort of nostalgia and some wholesomeness to the face it frames. You can go with a more delicate shade like the Light Gun (as seen pictured) or something more bold like the WOR (Warm Orange).

We started with the concept of this "traditional" frame, but we modernized it and gave it a more substantial feel. The Berlin frames are made entirely of space grade and beta titanium, an extremely flexible titanium alloy, for maximum strength and minimal weight. Our monoblock calibrated hinges are designed for stability and support the opening mechanism to hold the lens.

These frames take you to Berlin, like you are one of their own… This where we wanted to go... and so it became a part of the Destination Collection.

Available to purchase right now on our website!

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