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All About Glasses: The Elliot

Have you checked out the Elliot? With our Ti-22 Collection we laser cut frames from a block of titanium. Sometimes we add beta-titanium for flexibility, but these frames are essentially carved out of the element itself. Ti-22 is the atomic number and symbol for titanium on the periodic table. This is why we believed it was the perfect name for this collection!

Titanium is a fantastic material for eyewear— since it has the ideal strength to density ratio, in addition to being strong and lightweight. It is also hypoallergenic, making it a great material for contact with your skin.

The Elliot is one of our favorite frames from the Ti-22 collection. With a beautiful and simplistic design, it is still modern and weightless. When you put them on, they fit right in like they were meant to be there. Available in four fun shades, check them out for yourself!

Available right now on our website!

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