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All About Glasses: The Kit Kat

In honor of the recent 116th birthday of Altina Schinasi, who is the inventor of the “cat-eye” structured frames, we’re showcasing our take on the shape with our Kit Kat frames. The shape was rejected by major manufacturers, but thrives today, which is why it belongs to our Essentials Collection!

The frame was considered too edgy and bold for the taste of many manufactures... However, today the shape appeals to feminine features, with it's dramatic feline appearance. It accentuates a lifted look, that many prefer.

Polycarbonate or Cr-39 is used to make our sunlenses. They are far lighter than glass lenses and do not shatter as readily. They always come with a UV400 filter to protect your eyes from harmful rays, and the interior is anti-reflex coated to reduce glare.

The Kit Kat is the purrfect frame, and this feline shape will look fantastic on you! Visit our website for more.

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