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All About Glasses: The Orville is BACK IN STOCK 🎉

Woohoo! The Orville is BACK IN STOCK! The perfect frame for the big man in charge. You can check out The Orville on our website right now in some of our favorite shades: Grey, Crystal, and our 2-Toned Blue... just to name a few! (Pictured Above)

We wanted to really highlight some unique things about these frames. With their hypoallergenic titanium nose pads, an opaque matte-ness and unique structural design, The Orville gives off the vibe of an intellectual... an architect or graphic designer would pull these off swimmingly.

As part of the Fusion Collection, The Orville combines the best elements of two different worlds: acetate and titanium. With remarkable color variations and depth from combinations of acetate, as well as the lightness and strength that comes from our space grade titanium. Combining materials as such, creates a particular intrigue, reminiscent of light and shadow.

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