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All About Glasses: Waldburga REMIX!

Now and then we like to mix it up a little bit! We’ve created new remixed combinations of one of your favorites from the Fusion Collection, The Waldburga! Looks great right? We swapped out the opticals for shades and vice versa, we think it looks beautiful! What do you think?

The perfect frame for a 90s throwback! You can check out The Waldburga on our website right now in some of our favorite shades: Autumn, Grey, Pewter, and Little Sister's Dream.

As part of the Fusion Collection, The Waldburga combines the best elements of two different worlds: acetate and titanium. With one-of-a-kind color variations, as well as a lightness and sturdiness that comes from our space grade titanium. Combining these materials creates intrigue, it's something you've just got to have!

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