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BACK IN STOCK: The Luna in Blue 🌙

The Luna in Blue is FINALLY BACK! We're so excited for you to get these in your hands. Super lightweight and made entirely of hypoallergenic, space grade titanium. The titanium frames are laser cut from a block of titanium; sometimes we add beta-titanium for flexibility, but these frames are essentially carved out of the element itself, which is why we think Ti-22 is the perfect name for this collection.

It is strong and slim, with the ultimate comfort for your face. Titanium is a fantastic material for eyewear since it has the ideal strength to density ratio in addition to being strong and lightweight. Additionally, it is hypoallergenic, making it a great material for skin contact.

Fun fact: Ti-22 is the atomic number and symbol for titanium on the periodic table. The titans of Greek mythology are the source of the metal's name.

Get your new favorite titanium frames, Luna, available on our website now!

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