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Blast From The Past: Freudenhaus Film


Let's take it back to 2008... Sei Eitel! Buy Wunderschoen! This advertisement was created for marketing at optician stores that included plasma displays, which not many stores had at the time, and it highlights our brand's exclusivity!

In English, these phrases translate to Be Vain and Buy Especially Beautiful... Our German origins urge our clients and close friends to always be confident and proud of what they wear! Blending German and English vocabulary was also innovative, since we wanted to reintroduce German words into American society, such as "kindergarten."

The structure of the frames seen in this film exemplifies the style of the time, which was often slimmer and rounder. It's always interesting to look back and see how we've evolved. This type of reminiscence on different phases in our journey demonstrates the time period we were in, and how we were continuously able to elevate and level up our brand.

What are your thoughts? Should we do another film?

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