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All About Glasses: The Belfort (& it's crazy story)

The Belfort is the perfect frame for the big guy and that’s why we named it after the Wolf of Wall Street. It’s a 56 mm wide lens, so it’s a big frame. The good thing about it is that it’s not too deep, so the proportions are perfect to frame the face without moving around too much on the cheeks.

The Belfort pictured is in the shade Night Over Tokyo (NOT). It goes perfectly with your golden watch, as it has a brushed golden titanium temple (almost matte). This warm tone compliments the Tokyo Havana on the inside and gives some warmth to the black on the outside.

It’s really an interesting frame because it has a hard clear color palette on the outside, while on the inside and the sides of the temples it warms it up and makes it more approachable.

“An homage to my friend from lunch at cocomos, for amusing me with the story of his wild life… years before the movie came out. Honoring him with a frame we named after the head honcho.” -Stefan

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