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Something New: Introduce You To The Hue✨

We now have a limited availability of frames featuring Hue Lenses. They offer color-boosting and high color resolution, to give you the best visual experience! Hue magnifies colors for visual awareness, target recognition, and reaction time. They can expand your ability of visual detection or give your world a cinematic feel.

(To learn more about Hue, click the bold font above.)

Our Hue Lens selection is available in regular colored sun-lenses, polarized, and photochromic. You will find a variety of our classic frames from a majority of our collections featured in this capsule. We find these especially intriguing for you as opticians. Hue lenses let you see a world of color that is bolder, brighter and better. Looking through them made us instantaneously happier!

Check them out now, available on our website!

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