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Something New: Meet The Olivia ๐Ÿ‘“

The most recent addition to our fabulous Fusion Collection. The Olivia has a rounded hexagonal frame, made with beautiful shades of transparent acetate and space grade titanium temples. It's guaranteed to STOP people in their tracks with excitement and admiration!

A classic beauty, with more color variations to come! Here, you can see just how special and unique these frames are in shades Smoke and Liquid Black.

The Fusion collection brings together the greatest features of two distinct universes. The acetate's transparency, opaqueness, and combinations of colors, as well as our space-grade titanium's lightness and strength. Combining these two materials produces tension and interest, which reminds us of playing around with light and shadow. Instead of using "combination," which we considered to be a bit too dreary, we chose "fusion."

Get yourself a pair of the Olivia, available now. Give us a call to order and stay tuned for their online availability in the weeks to come!

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