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Something New: South-West V3 Sun

We couldn’t stop the fun at last week’s restock, we had to go one step further and add a new color! Introducing our newest shade on our favorite frames that sports an olive green coloring with gold temples. These frames belong to our Compass Collection, which features our lightest frames, but also have the thickness with acetate frames to conceal high prescriptions, and give it that rich color.

Polycarbonate or Cr-39 is used to make our sunlenses. They are far lighter than glass lenses and do not shatter as readily. They always come with a UV400 filter to protect your eyes from harmful rays, and the interior is anti-reflex coated to reduce glare.

This color is to die for. No matter the season, its earth toned green with a pop of gold, will elevate any outfit! Give us a call to order and stay tuned for their online availability in the weeks to come!

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