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Something New: The Helen

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

We'd Like To Introduce... The Helen

The Helen is a beautiful new addition to our Destination Collection. Why the Destination, you may ask? Because of its bridge and thick 3mm eye wire. Along with a new Nylor bottom! The Helen has a lot of things that make her unique...

First off, its titanium temple comes in a new shape and the end piece now also has the FHONE logo in it, which we can't get enough of! Secondly, the colors are amazing! We currently have three colors that you can view now on the FHONE website: Espresso, Liquid Black, (and our personal favorite) the Olive. Finally, and most notably, this frame is a balanced version of a cat eye. Making it very wearable. It has titanium, hypoallergenic, nose pads due to its predominantly titanium frame.

We're so excited for you to get your hands on it, very soon! Make sure to follow us on socials and subscribe to our newsletter for updates on when The Helen will be available to purchase!

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