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Something New: Welcome to our New Website & Instagram

We finally launched the Freudenhaus USA website and we are so happy to have you here! You might ask, why create another website? Well, the FreudenHaus USA website is going to be more optician & eye professional centric. A B2B side for optician related issues versus FHONE's website focusing more on the consumer-end.

This is the perfect place for opticians to learn more about our story, our brand, and other important things like MDRs and press kits! Check it out and stay tuned for more updates and information.

And while you're at it, give us a follow on Instagram! We just started posting on our Freudenhaus USA Instagram account ( There you will learn more behind our company, from past to present, and our commitment to making customers happy with our Luxury Independent Eyewear Brand, FHONE.

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