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The Ones To Watch: South West V3

Your favorite sunnies are back in stock! We heard you love our South West V3 sunglasses in this beautiful black and gold shade, so we had to restock them! These are from the Compass Collection and are constructed of space grade titanium and beta-titanium (an extremely flexible titanium alloy).

The Compass Collection is comprised of our lightest frames. They float like a needle in a compass over your face. These include acetate rings to highlight color while also adding thickness, which helps to disguise higher prescriptions.

These also feature Polycarbonate or Cr-39 that is used for our sun lenses. They are far lighter than glass lenses and do not shatter as readily. They always come with a UV400 filter to protect your eyes from harmful rays, and the interior is anti-reflex coated to reduce glare.

Our South West V3 sunnies are to die for, and will look great on you. Check out this shade as well as the other colors, available on our website!

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