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The Ones To Watch: The Bristol ✨

Simple eyeglass frames are "reintroduced" with the Destination series. We fell in love all over again when we worked with these "traditional" frame designs, in which eyewear is soldered to a bridge and end-pieces that support the temples. Of course, we have modernized these shapes.

For maximum strength and weightlessness, the metal is constructed entirely out of space-grade and beta titanium, a very flexible titanium alloy. Our monoblock calibrated hinges support the opening mechanism that holds the lens while also being engineered for stability. We wanted to go there, thus that is how the destination collection was created.

Check out the Bristol! They are much lighter than glass lenses and don't break as easily. Our sun-lenses are made of polycarbonate or Cr-39. They always include a UV400 filter to save your eyes from damaging rays, and the inside is anti-reflex coated to lessen glare, perfect for some time at the beach this summer-- Get yours today on our website!

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