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The Ones To Watch: The Gemini

Have you seen the Gemini? Just like the twin zodiac sign, our Gemini frames are offered in two selections: Optical & Sunglasses. An innovative take on a classic shape, which is why we consider it part of our Essentials. They’re a great frame for your everyday lifestyle with a great fit and minimalist design.

Considered one of our luxury frame staples, the Gemini belongs to our Essentials Collection. Each frame in this collection is manufactured by hand from Italian acetate and well-produced Austrian hinges. Our essentials are known to have an excellent fit and everyone loves its simple and straightforward design.

They're super comfortable with outstanding quality. With essentials like this one, we always wanted to go a step further. This is luxury, something you wear every day-- you should love it... and that's what we did here. Check out the Gemini in this beautiful Taupe shade (pictured above), available on our website!

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