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The Ones To Watch: The Harry ✨

The ones to keep an eye out for are one of our best selling clip-on options, a frame from our Fusion Collection-- the Harry! It combines the best elements from two different worlds: the best quality Italian acetate & our hypoallergenic space-grade titanium.

You can check it out in an array of fun colors including our: Crystal, Marlin, Havana, & more!

There are endless color variations and depth of transparency, opaqueness, and combinations in acetate. As well as the lightness and strength of our space grade titanium, despite its thinness and optical lightness. Combining these two materials creates a tension and adds intrigue. It is reminiscent of experimenting with light and shadow.

We could have used the word "combination" to describe it, but we thought it sounds too dull, so we went with "fusion" because it is fun and exciting!

FreudenHaus is after all the House of Joy! Get yours now on!

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