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The Ones To Watch: The Nairi ✨

Move over cause the new popular girl in school is the Nairi. You guys have been requesting her a lot recently, and honestly we can’t blame you! I mean, look at her— she’s giving major 70s vibes! (as seen in shade GLD, pictured above)

The Nairi is a part of our Destination Collection, where we "reintroduce" a simple eyewear frame. The concept of this "traditional" frame, in which we modernize the shapes. The metal is made entirely of space grade and beta titanium, an extremely flexible titanium alloy, for maximum strength and minimal weight.

Our monoblock calibrated hinges are designed for stability and support the opening mechanism to hold the lens. That is where we wanted to go... and so it became the Destination Collection. The Nairi is available on our website in both sunglasses and optical frames. Get yourself a pair of the Nairi before she’s gone!

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