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The Ones To Watch: This Barbie is The M

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Hi Barbie! Do you recall the M frames? They come in this stunning pink color that will make them stand out. These are a part of our Essentials Collection considering wearing them to the Barbie movie is essential. They are also available with our photochromic, color-boosting Hue lenses so you can see Barbieland in all its glory!

If you opt for the Hue, their unique ColorBoost lenses intensify the colors you see. ColorBoost Sport enlarges colors for improved response speed, target tracking, target recognition, and visual awareness. Your capacity to spot risks, safety indicators, and abnormalities is increased with ColorBoost Military. Similar to a picture filter, ColorBoost Cinema gives your surroundings a cinematic flair. Come and experience a more vivacious, better-looking world of color.

To achieve the highest levels of color resolution in optical lenses, Hue's ColorBoost lenses boost the volume of colors perceived by the wearer. A Color Resolution Factor (CRF), which counts the amount of identifiable colors transferred from optically-resolved visual features, is used to gauge this increase.

Everyone wears pink to Barbie.. Why not standout and wear The M to the cinema, and have the finest visual experience!

Get them today, on our website!

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