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Blast From The Past: EYEconomics

Throwback to the early 2000s... we believe this picture is from around 2002 at an early Opti expo at the MOC in Germany. It was a great start for an even greater show! While Stefan was still setting up for the big showing, he snapped a quick pic with the Editor-In-Chief of EYEconomics, showcasing Freudenhaus' recent cover on their magazine.

The two had recently met through selling a pair of frames, of course. Stefan and the founder of EYEconomics met at a party, where he asked him to play a game. The game was to show how much money they had in their pockets, and trade. Stefan pulled out a twenty-dollar bill, and he pulled out $800. They both ended up happy of course, as the owner walked away with a pair of glasses.

The EYEconomics cover featured their "Durban" frame, modeled on famous German Soccer Player, Mehmet Scholl's girlfriend. The name Durban was inspired by one of his favorite films, Fight Club. The show was a major success, many frames were sold at this event and of course we made some good friends along the way!

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