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Blast From The Past: We're turning 32 🎈


Freudenhaus / FHONE turns 32! On September 15, 1991, Stefan Flatscher’s baby Freudenhaus was born. Our brand has always meant more to us than just selling glasses— our goal has always been selling happiness. Our clients, or as we like to call them, friends who have been with us on our journey no matter how long mean so much to us, and are the driving force of our brand.

Since opening, we have succeeded in becoming a distinguished name for ourselves in high-end luxury independent eyewear. By making glasses square, his early designs transformed the industry. Emerging from Munich, Germany, and now based in America, he uses his German roots to bring culture and quality to a wider audience of faces.

From Freudenhaus to FHONE, our brand identity has always been consistent. Freudenhaus stands for "The House of (Optical) Joy." Joy is a focal point in the FHONE brand philosophy to this day. FHONE is FreudenHaus, but leveled up. We want to go the step further to promote loving yourself in your glasses. It's pair of glasses, they are in the middle of your face, and extension of who you are.

We love and appreciate the family we have created over the years. The joy and fond memories we have experienced during this journey are unparalleled and never taken for granted. Today we not only celebrate the beginning of FHONE, but the ever-growing family we have built along the way.

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