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Blast From The Past: Hausemarke 👓

A cool story about how the Hausmarke campaign came to be…

Stefan was designing a frame, three models, called Hausmarke sunglasses and then he thought, wow that is such a good name!

It screamed sub-line.

Originally, Freudenhaus had a sub-line called 365, think a different pair of glasses for every day of the year… The first 365 collection was inspired by the 60s, very bold and mod. The 365.2 sub-line was futuristic and titanium-based.

Since they were sub-lines, people were frustrated when the collections were over… there were no more spare parts, and people thought “why don’t you make more?” So we thought, how can we begin to improve this?…

We always wanted something exclusive, but this time we wanted to target more people, reach more. We changed our sub-line name to Hausmarke, meaning “House Brand”… think individual, unique, available and accessible to more people. It’s your Hausemarke from us…

We presented it to opticians to sell as their Hausmarke. It was a play on words and became your brand from us… genius! A house brand from us, without having to personalize it. It added intrigue and exclusivity to customers. A win-win!

We created this campaign shoot circa the early 2000s and chose this model for her bold look. Now you would see someone who looks like this and see some normalcy… everyone has tattoos now. But at the time, it was provocative and interesting, something exclusive and out of the ordinary.

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