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Blast From The Past: Luder & Luden Presentation at Opti 2012

Circa 2012, we worked with well-known photographer, Roman Kuhn, on an art project for Freudenhaus. The concept behind the art project (and honestly behind our brand in general) is that we make glasses for people, real people, and that's what we want to promote. Real people wearing our glasses, glasses that make sense for you, because at the end of the day your glasses are a part of who you are.

Your glasses should represent you and how you want to be seen as yourself. Lots of familiar faces in Germany, from all different industries and walks of life, wore our glasses (and still wear them!) This art project allows people see themselves in our brand.

The coolest part about our mantra is that (to this day) we still use real people in our photography. We currently work with an NYU photography student, Abby Medina, to capture real people on the streets of New York.

It is something very important to us that we not use "models" and the people that pose for us get to pick out their choice of glasses, because we are not them. We choose not to pick out frames for them, but to have them pick a frame that best fits how they want to present themselves to the world. That is what we want for our customers.

Our customers know who they are and they prioritize authenticity, quality, and luxury... that is why they come back time and time again. We make glasses to suit you and your personality. We want you to be the most authentic version of yourselves, that is what we enjoy most about what we do. We get to make people feel like themselves in their glasses and that brings us joy... after all, we are the "House Of Joy".

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