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Blast From The Past: Munich Pop Up Store

Before we moved our main store to Odeonsplatz, Munich. The original store was in Schwabing which is the north-end of Munich.

We decided to open a store in the center of Munich to make it easier for our clients from the South. So, we opened a pop up store in Theatiner Strasse - a part of the pedestrian zone and A1 location.

It had really cool architecture and style, it even won a design award! Even though this started as a pop-up, we kept it for almost 10 years... and as they say, time flies when you're having fun!

But, after we moved the flagship store... the pop up was almost next door-- not even 400 meters away, which didn't make too much sense, so we finally closed the pop-up and kept our Odeonsplatz store to this day!

Have you ever visited either of these stores? Let us know in the comments! & if you have pictures, we'd love to see them! Make sure to tag us on instagram @thefhone!

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