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Blast From The Past: The FreudenHaus Bulli at Opti 2011

When Uwe and I were working together, he thought it would be really cool to get a Volkswagen Bulli and deck it out in FreudenHaus stickers, so that's exactly what we did! It was a fan-favorite anytime we would go to a show or pull up the bus at any event. People always wanted to take pictures with it.

In Germany, this car is called the "Bulli" rather than the Bus (US) or the Camper (UK). It is Volkswagen's Type 2 (Type 1 being the Beetle) Model T1 (often called the barn door) and 13-window vehicle. We're uncertain about the age, but we believe it's a 1961.

Here, we brought the Bulli to the Opti Expo in Munich 2011. Everyone loved it and we were able to take them inside the bus to check out some of our latest frames. It was a lot of fun! We even had this cute little sign that said, "Vorfreude" which is a saying for joy prior to an event, almost like you're already excited for something!

(and yes, 12 years later... we still have the Bulli)

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